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“We've been working with Tommy for many years and he's become an important member of our team. He always delivers swift and clear advice thanks to his invaluable, extensive, knowledge of the legal side of gaming. As an added bonus he's a really nice chap and pleasure to work with.”
Pim Holfve, CEO, Avalanche
"Tommy has been with us since the start for a reason. His steadfast approach and knowledge has not only guided us through the trenches of European, American and Chinese law. His methodological forthrightness in picking up and laying clear what we have to solve in order to move forward is always refreshing."
Rickard Frisegård, CEO, Stunlock Studios
”We work with Tommy for all of our contract and legal needs, he is very fast, very reliable, has a vast knowledge of the gaming industry and responds quickly to all enquires. He’s great to work with and has been essential in helping us grow our business.”
Patrik Knutsson, CEO, Level Eight
”The Bearded Ladies have used Tommy Persson and Laywer.se for almost 20 years. He has been great addition to the team as an expert in negotiating agreements and giving legal advices. He is fast to reply and always delivers on time. He has extensive network within the gaming industry and a lot of experience and that saves both time and money."
Haraldur Thormundsson, CEO, Bearded Ladies
"Tommy is not only the most knowledgeable games industry lawyer in Sweden, he is also a great guy that really takes a personal interest in the projects and companies he works with."
Johan Pilestedt, CEO, Arrowheads
"Big or small, I’ve used Tommy to help me with contracts with advice, revisions, and outright negotiations. Apart from his looooong experience, he also serves half of game-development Sweden, so he can advise with tremendous insight. Tommy is definitely one of my go-to-guys that I’m very happy to have in my network that just makes it a little bit easier building video-games."
Jens Andersson, co-founder, Villa Gorilla
"Du har varit en riktig klippa och samtliga leveranser har varit både högkvalitativa och blixtsnabba -- vi kan inte vara mer nöjda och företaget är starkare tack vare din hjälp. Fantastiskt jobbat."
Teddy Bergsman, founder, Quixel
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