Company Law and Corporate Governance

General Company Law Services

We help our clients with general Company Law issues such as advising on suitable corporate and national set up, corporate structure, shareholder issues, negotiations etc. We do also, if needed participate in various kinds of meetings, for example Board Meetings.

Corporate Filings handles filing of documents and materials with the Swedish Companies Registration Office for registration of general meetings, election of board members, CEO, share issuances, option programs among other things. Filing of documents and materials with the Swedish Companies Registration Office is a delicate matter and any inconsistency, inaccuracies may result in the filing being rejected, the materials returned, and the matters delayed 4-6 weeks. Especially when it comes to the issuance of shares, correct and swift filings are critical in order for a company to be able to issue new shares.

Company Law issues

When a company is conducting its business, it has to at all times act in accordance with the Company Law. We provide advice and assist our clients how to adhere to the applicable laws and how to best organize their company in order to conduct business in accordance with these laws.

Corporate Governance

Good corporate governance and abiding by generally accepted or recommended principles, whether national, regional or industry related is recommended and does increase company value. It also increases the attractiveness and confidence among local and international investors, the market, industry, customers, current and potential new employees. We help our clients, where applicable, to not only abide by applicable laws and regulations, but also with corporate governance recommendations and good practice corporate governance.

Company Control Issues

An important issue when raising capital and taking on new shareholders is maintaining control over the company. We have great experience and knowledge in advising founders of companies on how to keep control over the board of directors and general meetings short term and long term. This can be done through planning who to offer new shares to, the classification of shares, shareholders agreements etc.