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"I love working with smart, focused and compassionate people and help them with legal matters like video game contracts negotiations."



Tommy Persson, the founder of, is a video game attorney who has been negotiating videogame agreements and advising videogame studios since 2000.

A client once called him ”Tommy the Tank”, since he´s a tough negotiator bulldozing all resistance.

Tommy Persson holds a Swedish law degree (LL.M.) as well as an American law degree (LL.M.) and is a member of the New York Bar Association.

Due to the fact that I´ve been living, studying and working in the U.S for a substantial period of time I have a great understanding of American laws and business culture, which differs a lot from the Swedish/Scandinavian laws and business culture. I understand the subtle nuances, which helps me a lot since my work consists of daily interactions with American, as well as European, Asian etc., clients and their business partners (game publishers, distributors, platform owners, middleware service providers, contractors, IP holders etc.).

Video game contracts are like a jungle, they are not easy to navigate through safely. My job as a video game attorney is to make sure that our clients don´t get lost , get hurt, or fall into traps in the video game contract jungle. It is of utmost importance for us that our client video game studios can negotiate and reach agreements in a position of strength, can get the resources and funding to make their games as great as possible and can grow their studios and business without getting trapped in bad contracts.

I live in Åre which is Sweden´s biggest ski resort. So I am of course an avid skier. Lawyering is a lifestyle and lawyering is my passion. Work and spare time blends together in a natural mix. Thus I do check my email while in the ski lift! Skiing and lawyering, it´s a yin-yang balance in life, which is necessary for me.

I´m grateful every morning when I wake up. I love working with smart, focused and compassionate people and help them with legal matters like video game contracts negotiations. There´s so many great things happening in the world of video games. It consists of a beautiful dynamics and great meetings with honest, hardworking and fun people all over the world. Video game industry people are in general very smart, they have big hearts and want to entertain and change the world for the better, one game at the time. They make me grow as a human being and as a world citizen.

The last few years, the Law firm I founded has grown from just me as a video game attorney to five co-workers and has tripled the revenue. This makes me very happy and proud. I´m really grateful to be able to work with my biggest passion: Lawyering in the video game world.

Tommy Persson, Esq. founder of