Video game law is a full-service law firm specialized in Video game law. The law firm also represents clients within the fields of e-sport and entertainment. represents its clients in contract and trademark negotiations, advices on legal issues etc. We have the experience needed to take on practically any case that a niched video game lawyer might encounter. The law firm also advises on company law issues, labor law and also represents its clients in labor negotiations.

Video game Law represents its clients in most areas of video game law: legal advice, contract negotiations, conflict negotiations and settlements etc. The law firm performs full contract services from advice on

Trademarks helps its clients to protect their company name, the name of the game/product, logotype, marks, reputation etc. The law firm helps you with

Company Law advices and performs legal services for its clients on corporate matters like

Employment and contractor agreements provides

Video game contracts and negotiations provides

Conflict solutions provides

Equity, Mergers etc. provides

E-SPORTS provide advice & help