If you are looking for an experienced video game lawyer, then you have come to the right place. is a law firm, specialized in video game law, having clients all over the world.

AN EXPERIENCED VIDEO GAME LAWYER was founded in 2001 and represents many of the leading Swedish, Scandinavian and International videogame studios. The founder Tommy Persson holds both Swedish and American Law Degrees and is a member of the New York Bar Association. He has been practicing law since 1993 and has been focused on representing videogame studios since 2000. A true video game lawyer with extraordinary expertise and seldom seen experience. 



The Law firm is specialized in contract negotiations. It advises and represents its clients in negotiation preparations and tactics, conducts negotiations with the client’s customers world-wide, whether on location in the U.S., Europe, Asia or through Skype, telephone conference calls etc. 



"Tommy has been with us since the start for a reason. His steadfast approach and  knowledge has not only guided us through the trenches of European, American and Chinese video game law. His methodological forthrightness in picking up and laying clear what we have to solve in order to move forward is always refreshing

Rickard_Frisegard_Stunlock_Studios.jpg Rickard Frisegård
Stunlock Studios

“We've been working with Tommy for many years and he's become an important member of our team. He always delivers swift and clear advice thanks to his invaluable, extensive, knowledge of the legal side of gaming. As an added bonus he's a really nice chap and pleasure to work with.”

Pim_Holfve_Avalanche_0.jpg Pim Holfve

”The Bearded Ladies have used Tommy Persson and for almost 20 years. He has been great addition to the team as an expert in negotiating agreements and giving legal advices. He is fast to reply and always delivers on time. He has extensive network within the gaming industry and a lot of experience and that saves both time and money."

Haraldur_Thormundsson_Bearded_Ladies.png Haraldur Thormundsson
Bearded Ladies
Some of the wonderful clients we've worked with


Videogame Law represents its clients in most areas of videogame law: legal advice, contract negotiations, conflict negotiations and settlements etc. The law firm performs full contract services from advice on copyright and license issues, self-publishing vs game developments for videogame publishers, drafting / redrafting / negotiations of Deal Terms, Letters of Intent, Pre-production Agreements, Long Form Agreements, Post-Release Service / DLC Agreements, Amendments and Addendums, Contractor Agreements, License Agreements, etc.

Company Law advices and performs legal services for its clients on corporate matters like incorporations, shareholders agreements, board meetings, general meetings, risk management etc.

Labor Law advices and performs legal services for its clients on labor law matters like drafting and negotiations of employment contracts, advice on suitable types of employments, non-compete issues, intellectual property rights, ownership issues, confidentiality issues, employment vs hiring of independent contractors etc.

Other legal stuff advices and performs legal services for its clients on corporate matters like incorporations, shareholders agreements, trademark issues, risk management, mergers and acquisitions, GDPR etc.