Videogame contracts and negotiations

Videogame Development and Publishing Agreements has for the past 20+ years negotiated videogame development and publishing agreements for AAA videogames, AA videogames, indie games, mobile games etc. We have done some of the agreements with the industry’s largest contract values and negotiated with the biggest publishers in the world. We tend to do 30-40 videogame development and publishing agreements per year, where we draft, redraft and negotiate videogame development and publishing agreements. Our experience and knowledge are unique which helps us provide the best contracts and negotiations for our clients on a global basis.

Intellectual Property License Agreements

One material aspect of videogame development is securing licenses to established intellectual properties for our clients to develop videogames based on, for example films, TV-series, comic books, novels etc. We also assist our clients when they license their intellectual properties to film studios and agents for development of movies and TV-series based on the IPs. We have a vast experience and knowledge negotiating IP License Agreements regarding the market terms, fixed fees and royalties for such licenses etc.

Terms of Use (End User License Agreements)

When our clients are self-publishing videogames, we provide them with Terms of Use agreements (a.k.a. Terms of Service or End User License Agreements (“EULA”)). Such agreements set the terms and conditions on which the players (end users) may access and play the game. It is important that such agreements protect the self-publishing studios rights to the game, states terms and conditions for what the end users may and may not do in the game, gives the studio the right to suspend or terminate end users access to the game, contain take down notice terms etc.

Privacy Policy (Personal Data)

Due to the ever-growing international laws and regulations regarding protection of personal data and privacy, for example the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) it is of utmost importance for self-publishing studios to have up to date privacy policies. We do on a regular basis advise our clients on personal data and privacy issues. We also draft privacy policies, tailor made for the client and its video games and/or other products and services.