Trademarks helps its clients to protect their company name, the name of the game/product, logotype, marks, reputation etc. through trademark and service mark protection. We analyze clients’ current name, product names, logotype, marks, and other properties to see if they can receive trademark and/or service mark protection.

We do trademark and service mark applications for video game developers. We continuously help them protect their trademarks and service marks, both during the application process as well as thereafter.

Registering and protecting trademarks and service marks is one of the most significant steps in facilitating success for a party. Trademarks and service marks are unique markers for a party and allows its customers to instantly recognize its products and services. It forms the very essence of the party’s relationships with its customers. Without trademark and/or service mark protection, another party may, intentionally or unintentionally, use a similar or same name, product names, logotype, marks etc. or even apply for trademark and/or service mark protection for the same or similar names itself and gain benefits therefrom. This may negatively affect the first party’s reputation, good name, goodwill and future earnings and it might be difficult or impossible for the first party to regain its name, logotype, marks etc. or recover from such damages.