SERVICES is a law firm specialized in videogame and entertainment law. represents its clients in contract negotiations, advices on legal issues etc. We have the experience needed to take on practically any case that a niched video game lawyer might encounter. The law firm also advises on company law issues and labor laws and also represents its clients in labor negotiations. 


Videogame Law represents its clients in most areas of videogame law: legal advice, contract negotiations, conflict negotiations and settlements etc. The law firm performs full contract services from advice on copyright and license issues, self-publishing vs game developments for videogame publishers, drafting / redrafting / negotiations of Deal Terms, Letters of Intent, Pre-production Agreements, Long Form Agreements, Post-Release Service / DLC Agreements, Amendments and Addendums, Contractor Agreements, License Agreements, etc.

Company Law advices and performs legal services for its clients on corporate matters like incorporations, shareholders agreements, board meetings, general meetings, risk management etc.

Labor Law advices and performs legal services for its clients on labor law matters like drafting and negotiations of employment contracts, advice on suitable types of employments, non-compete issues, intellectual property rights, ownership issues, confidentiality issues, employment vs hiring of independent contractors etc.

Other legal stuff provides ad hoc legal advice and contract negotiations on videogame and entertainment law related issues. This includes office rental contract issues, intellectual property infringement issues, payment collection issues, cease and desist letters, film licenses to videogame IPs etc.