Meet the Team: Viktor Sunnersjö

Earlier this year, we spoke with one of our colleagues, Henrik Wallin. Now, it’s time to meet another: Viktor Sunnersjö!

Viktor is a lawyer with a broad range of expertise, including equity, acquisitions and intellectual property. He received his law school diploma from Uppsala University in 2020. 

While he was no stranger to videogames — like many of his generation, he spent considerable time during his teenage years playing games late into the night — Viktor didn’t have much experience with videogame law prior to joining 

It surprised him how much goes into making games happen.

“There are a lot more actors and the system of rights is a lot more complex in the videogame industry than I had thought,” Viktor noted. “It takes a while to get acquainted with everything and gain a comprehensive understanding of the industry.”

He finds deal-making particularly compelling. Coming up with solutions to bring two parties together in a way that is beneficial to the client but keeps the negotiations moving forward, he said, is the kind of work he finds the most fun.

“It can present some interesting head-scratchers.”

Viktor sees a shift happening in the relationship between game developers and publishers. As social media opens up new and easier ways to market games, and as the industry moves away from physical distribution, videogame studios have a better opportunity than ever to publish their own games. 

“This also means that quality publishers will be valued more highly,” Viktor explained. “Publishers who have a track record of being great at marketing, or maybe have a strong international presence, will be more widely touted.” 

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