Meet the Team: Henrik Wallin

Time to meet one of our lawyers: Henrik Wallin! 

Henrik is our in-house expert on intellectual property law. Educated at Stockholm University, he holds two master’s degrees in law, with one specializing in European intellectual property law. 

Born in the 80s, Henrik grew up playing videogames with his friends, and he has always been fascinated with the industry. That fascination grew during his time in law school, as he, parallel to his studies, also worked as a legal assistant at DICE, the videogame developer behind blockbuster titles like Battlefield and Star Wars: Battlefront. 

Following his time at DICE, Henrik spent a couple of years working with procurement, but he remained keen on returning to intellectual property law. 

“It is what I find the most fun within the field of law. So because of that, I joined more or less right away after going back to school [for his second master’s degree],” Henrik said. 

Beyond law, Henrik also studied at the Beckmans College of Design. And what is so attractive about intellectual property law, he explained, is the closeness to creative arts. 

“I often really enjoy working with people with a more open, less rigid mindset about certain things.” 

There is also a lack of knowledge about intellectual property rights among creatives, Henrik noted. “Law shouldn’t be the focus of creative studies, of course, but if you’re going to work in the industry and get paid for your creations, it’s important to know your rights,” he said. 

Looking to the future, Henrik sees copyright as a part of intellectual property law that will attract more attention. 

“The videogame industry has grown a lot in a relatively short time. People didn’t use to have the same incentive to protect their copyrights as they do today.” As it grows even more, Henrik said, “People who have stakes in it will want a return on their investment.”

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