Conflict Solutions

Take Down Notices

Sometimes parties are in dispute over whether a videogame infringes the intellectual property rights of another party or third parties. We advise our clients on conflict solutions. We send take down notices to videogame platforms and channels when we and our client deem another video game infringe the intellectual property rights of the client. Also, we advise and act on behalf of clients when they get take down notices filed against their games.

Cease and Desist Letters

Upon infringement of a client’s intellectual property rights, we send cease and decist letters to infringing parties and help our clients hinder such infringing parties. We also help clients when they receive cease and decist letters. The content and format of such cease and decist letters are delicate matter and requires experience and knowledge. We help the client make sure that it does not end up in a situation with potential additional legal issues due to the letters and other communications.

Settlement Negotiations

When a conflict occurs between a client and a videogame publisher, developer or another party we advise our clients on conflict solution alternatives, we advise and/or negotiate settlements and termination agreements etc. Often our knowledge and experience, as well as history with the other party tend to help orchestrate a favorable settlement for the client. In most cases conflict can be solved with settlement negotiations after good faith negotiations.

Court Procedures

Sometimes a conflict cannot be settled by parties in good faith negotiations and the parties need to have a court or arbitration tribunal rule on the dispute or conflict. At we don’t normally handle court procedures, but we have in our network attorneys that we use for such legal matters. We help the client obtain the best possible attorney on location for the conflict and also to obtain a favorable solution to the court case. i.e. a settlement between the parties on good terms for the client.